Góð Bráð | Good Prey

Rebekka Ashley explores the relationship between humans and mushrooms from a hunter's perspective. Specially designed mushroom hunting gear and garments with Icelandic landscapes and weather in mind. Each mushroom that's caught must be carefully analyzed with all the senses on site, cut, cleaned and finally processed and put into a mushroom basket. This activity promotes mindfulness and respect for nature.
The mushroom hunting gadgets are inspired by the mushrooms themselves, for example  you can see gills in the vests, chanterelle breast pockets, a cap brush and a spongey magnifying glass.
It is important that the mushroom basket is woven as the mushrooms release spores during picking, so while you are walking around with your basket, you are sowing more mushrooms. There is no need for the mushroom hunter to wear camouflage, so all tools are in a prominent red color, which is a direct connection to the red Berserks mushroom. It is more convenient to have the tools noticeable so that they distinct themselves easily from the forest floor and are less likely to get lost.
All textiles in the project are recycled fish waders from Veiðifélagið. The bag is hand-woven from fishing nets and ropes found on the shores of Reykjavík, as well as some rope from Hampiðjan. The tools are prototypes made of clay but will later be printed in 3D from degradable and environmentally friendly plastic.