SPJARA - Umbúðir

SPJARA is a fashion rental company. The first of it’s kind in Iceland.

The company emphasizes on the importance of sustainable and ethical fashion choices and minimizing textile waste. 

I came into the project to design reusable packaging for SPJARA. The packaging is sent to renters, containing garments, and then it’s returned.

So the same packaging is recycled again and again.

To reflect SPJARAS ideology I found waste material from an Icelandic sailing company (Seglagerðin).

By repurposing this sailing material I was able to create incredible durable yet sleek packaging.

Inside this outer packaing is a dustbag.

The dustbags are repurposed sheets from The Red Cross.

The logo was then silkscreened by hand at The Icelandic University of Iceland.

This project was nominated for Bláskelin 2022 which is a recognition of the Minister of Environment, Energy and Climate for excellent solutions in plastic issues.