Sveppurinn fer í gang

This project is an exploration on the relationship between people and mushrooms from a hunter's perspective.

Specially designed mushroom hunting gear and objecrs with Icelandic landscapes and weather in mind. Each caught mushroom must be carefully analyzed with all the senses on site, cut, cleaned and finally processed and put into a mushroom basket. This activity promotes mindfulness and respect for nature.

The mushroom hunting objects are inspired by the mushrooms themselves in both the shapes and colours. 

There is no need for the mushroom hunter to wear camouflage, so all tools and objects are in a prominent red color, which is a direct connection to the red Berserks mushroom.
It is more convenient to have the tools noticeable so that they distinct themselves easily from the forest floor and are less likely to get lost.

All materials in the project are recycled.

This project has had 3 exhibitions.
Hamraborg Festival 2022
Designmarch 2022
Designmarch 2023